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HP Printer Drivers

HP Printer Drivers

HP Printer Drivers & Downloads

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HP Printers Drivers

HP Printers Drivers

Today’s world is dominated by technological innovation and user-centric design. One of the major innovation that has hugely impacted human life is Computers and associated Devices. For instance Printers. However, your Computer must connect properly to your Printers for effective performance. In other words, these devices need tools to ensure seamless communication. In short, they need a specialized software programme for this purpose. As such, every Printer manufacturer has a dedicated set of software applications for all of its Printer Models. For example, HP has its own range of HP Printers Drivers for all of its models. Similarly, other manufacturers have their own distinct Driver Software. 

What Are Printers Drivers?

When talking about Computers and Allied Devices, a Printer Driver or Print Processor is a communication solution between Computers and Printers. In other words, it is a desktop software application that is installed on your “Computer”. It enables your “Computer” to communicate with the connected Printer. To put it differently, it is the program that gives your Computer the ability to control a Printer. In short, it is a tool with which your Computer commands the Printer to do the Print-Job. 

HP Printer Drivers

Understand HP Printers Drivers

While all the Printers appear similar to a user in performing basic Print, Scan and Copy functions with some difference in features. Yet, different manufacturers invest heavily in developing and protecting their ingenious technology. For instance, brands like HP are known for their cutting-edge and innovative technology. In order to ensure smooth and efficient performance of their powerful printing machines, they bring out equally sophisticated HP Printers Drivers. 

Each and every model of HP Printers are supported by a dedicated set of Drivers package. This includes a combination of varied Driver Software that serves a distinct purpose in order to make complex printing technology simple for users. To name a few, it provides the following type of Drivers.

  • Full feature or full solution driver for ensuring your Printer’s optimized performance.
  • Basic Driver to support basic Printer functionality.
  • Plug and Play Driver for installing Printer Drivers and USB Ports.
  • Host-Based Driver for performing Print Jobs by utilizing the resources of Computer instead of the Printer Formatter.
  • PostScript Driver from Adobe supports Printer in generating sharp graphics and handling multiple fonts.
  • PCL6 USB Driver supports basic Printer functionality for a specific range of HP Printers.

HP Printers Drivers Download

Depending upon your Printer’s Model Number, a dedicated set of HP Printers Drivers are structured in a compatible package for the ease of users. As such, all they have to do is search the respective Drivers from its official website. Then, perform a simple Downloading process. 

Although, the entire process completes smoothly without any issue. However, at times, users may experience some difficulty with the same. It may happen that you select an incorrect software for installation. As such, the setup will complete properly. But, you will experience problems while using your Printer. Along with that, the download process may fail on account of connectivity issues as it does need a stable, high-speed Internet Connection. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have located the correct set of Drivers for downloading on your system. For this, you must go through the step-by-step guide given below. Subsequently, check the instructions for performing the downloading process. 

HP Printers Drivers Download Options:- CD or Online

  1. HP Printers Drivers are available through two methods for installing on your system. 
  2. Either, you can use the Installation CD that accompanies your Printer. In that case, all you have to do is insert the CD in your Computer’s CD Drive and move on to its Installation. However, this option is not a reliable one. 
  3. Firstly, it is available only for those systems that read a CD. As such, Mac users cannot use it. Besides that, there is a possibility of getting old Printer Drivers which may not give you the best results of your Printer. 
  4. In such a situation, the second alternative i.e. the official website must be preferred. 

How To Locate Compatible HP Printers Drivers?

  1. Launch a commonly used Web Browser on your Computer.
  2. Go to “” i.e. the official website for HP Printers Drivers.
  3. Now, look for the “Support” section at the very bottom of this window. Then, click on “Download drivers”.
  4. Next, you should select “Printers” to access its Printers webpage.
  5. On the following window, you must correctly enter your printer’s Model Number. Then, click “Submit”.
  6. The following window enlists a number of HP Printers Drivers that are relevant for your specific Printer Model.
  7. Here, you also get a chance to determine the correct software that is compatible with your Computer’s OS. Therefore, click on “Choose a different OS”. Then, select your OS and click “Change”.
  8. After that, choose the Driver that you wish to download. Usually, the full-featured package is the best option. Hence, click on the required Printer Driver to expand it.    
  9. In this way, you can locate compatible HP Printers Drivers

How To Download HP Printers Drivers?

  1. After locating HP Printers Drivers that are compatible with your Printer and Computer’s OS, proceed for downloading the same.
  2. As such, locate the “Download” tab beneath the selected HP Printers Drivers. For this, ensure that you have expanded the Menu box of the selected software. 
  3. Finally, click on “Download”.
  4. As a result, the downloading process will begin on your system. 
  5. However, before proceeding for the Installation step, make sure that the downloading process completes properly.

HP Printers Drivers Installation

* For Windows

  1. Locate the downloaded HP Printers Drivers File on your Computer. For this, check the system’s “Downloads” Folder. Or look at the preferred location that you might have set. 
  2. Double-click on the software file.
  3. Click “Run” on the Security Prompt window. 
  4. Then, click “Yes” for permitting Installation on your Computer.
  5. Now, click “Continue” to proceed further. 
  6. Next, you must click “Customize Software Selection” to expand it. Then, select Software for installation from the list of available options. Thereafter, click “Next”.
  7. After that, closely review the given terms of  License Agreement for HP Printers Drivers.
  8. Thereafter, tick mark the checkbox beside “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”.
  9. Subsequently, click “Next” to initiate Installation.  
  10. Then, wait for the process to complete successfully.
  11. Thereafter, complete the Network Connection Setup by following on-screen instructions.
  12. After that, follow Installer prompts to Name the Printer, Add Device and run a Test Print. 
  13. At last, click on “Finish” and Restart your Computer. 

* For Mac

  1. Locate the downloaded HP Printers Drivers File on your Computer.
  2. Righ-click on the Driver File and select “Open”.
  3. Once again, select “Open” on the following Security Prompt. 
  4. Thereafter, click on the links for “End User License Agreement” and “Privacy Statement”. Then, read the terms attentively. 
  5. Now, click on the respective checkboxes for accepting the terms. 
  6. Then, click “Continue”.
  7. Next, you must Power up the Printer and connect it to your Internet Network. For this, you must follow the instructions given in this window. 
  8. Also, confirm that your Mac Device is hooked up to the same Network as the Printer. 
  9. If not. Then, permit for “Restoring Printer’s Network Settings” by clicking “Yes”. Otherwise, click “No”.
  10. After that, complete the process for Network Connection. For this, closely follow on-screen instructions. 
  11. When you get the list of software available for Installing HP Printers Drivers. Then, choose appropriately and proceed further.
  12. Finally, click “Install”.
  13. Accurately type in Mac’s Administrator Login Username and Password. 
  14. Then, click “OK”.  
  15. Now, click “Continue”.
  16. As such, the “Installation” will begin. Hence, wait for HP Printers Drivers to Install properly on your Mac Device. 
  17. At last, Restart your Mac Platform.